E-counseling has a short-term, solution-focused goal and it is appropriate for adults who need short-term support. Different therapy methods work best for different people. Some people find they can express themselves better through writing and others prefer verbal communication.

Online counseling offers several options. Written communication can be synchronous (in real time via chat) or asynchronous (via e-mails). The advantage of this option is that you are free to type whenever you feel like and also reflect on your own writing. Moreover you can keep a copy of the scripts. For secure e-mail exchanges I use an easy encryption process. Skype offers free and secure chat and phone/video conferencing options. All chat and video interactions are held at a prescheduled time.

This service cannot replace long-term psychotherapy and it is not recommended for people who have suicidal thoughts or severe psychiatric problems.

For E-Counseling services you can contact  us for more information how it works.


Emotional Wellbeing

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