About Me

I am Camila Marques,  I am a  psychologist, cognitive behavior therapist and professional counselor and coach.

My experiences as human being in different situations, in different parts of the world and the challenges I had to face in my own life, has given me the opportunity to have a broader perspective on the challenges people face in their lives, and a deep understanding of the importance of cultural context. I speak fluently Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch which allows me to communicate in the client’s own language and get a better understand his/her cultural context.

I provide a wide range of psychological services to adults, supported by a modern, positive,  solution-oriented and evidence-based approach called Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Integrative Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ICBT) is currently the leading approach, support by research, to threat psychological problems such as depression,  anxiety disorders, stress, burnout, etc. It aims to integrate humanistic and cognitive behavior approach with a solid  evidence-based protocols.

I help my clients improve their lives and gain skills that will always have at their disposal, even after therapy. Acknowledging how difficult  it is for people to share their problems with a stranger, even a professional, I create an environment of trust, understanding and security, where I treat every person with genuine interest and empathy.

My continuous professional training and experience, having worked with individuals, couples and groups in various settings, has offered me a broad range of knowledge and skills.

My qualifications

    • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology
    • Master’s degree in Work & Organizational Psychology
    • BSc (Honours) in Psychology
    • Professional Diploma in Counseling and Coaching
    • Training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
    • University degree in Economics

My specialties includes:

  • Work and Career Related Issues (work reintegration, work disability, work/life balance)
  • Personal development, career change/advancement
  • Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression
  • Adjustment issues (expatriation and repatriation, including cultural shock and reverse cultural shock)
  • Grief counseling to help people deal with grief and morning following major life changes
  • Coaching and counseling for Master’s and PhD students
  • Occupational health consultancy for organizations

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